Colorado Rogue Baseball Club 16's - Summer 2019


Colorado Rogue Baseball 16's enter their 2nd summer of competition in 2019, and continue to provide one of the premier player development programs in the state of Colorado.  

Colorado Rogue is based out of Rogue Baseball Performance in Dove Valley and is partnered with Push Performance and HiPro Hitting, whose brand new, 9,000 square foot shared facility offers the finest baseball and athletic performance training environment in the state. This facility will not only provide players with tools this summer, but for the rest of their baseball careers.

Our goal is simple and is at the heart of everything we do.  We strive to develop the skills that will allow you to be successful not only as high school player, but also at the next level of your baseball career.  We firmly believe that players need focused and deliberate training, in addition to high-level competition, in order to compete at the national level. Our dedication to evidence backed training and creating a comprehensive summer schedule is what separates us from other programs.  We firmly believe that supplementing weekend tournament games with deliberate practice and strength training, rather than overloading on midweek scrimmages is the correct way to approach amateur summer baseball. Baseball players from our state do not lack exposure, but many lack high level skills and understanding of the developmental process, and that is where our focus lies. 

Although our focus will always be to develop high-level players, we still provide opportunities for exposure and recruiting. Special attention has been paid to picking tournaments and games in regions that will give our players the best opportunities to show their skills in front of college coaches. Make no mistake though, this is not a “showcase” team, this is a developmental program that is designed only for the most dedicated and passionate athletes. All players will get an opportunity to play but summer games are played to win. Playing time will be determined by the coaching staff based on who has performed well in games, as well as who has met practice and training expectations.