Colorado Rogue Baseball Club 16's - Fall 2018


Rogue Baseball has very deliberate purposes in the fall, and are very thourough in our approach to accomplishing those purposes. For 2018, those purposes and processes are..

1: Create a weekly plan for success as a student athlete. We do this by holding our players accountable for recording and following through on their weekly plan. 

2. Build, maintain and improve movement and strength in our players. We do this through the great work of the guys at Push Performance, and Next Era Physical Therapy, and implement many of those process on the field as well.

3. Schedule position specific practice days to develop & sharpen skills and processes essential to playing at a high level.  Infielders, outfielders, catchers & pitchers spend a day each week doing defensive and offensive skill work, and have opportunities for additional reps.

4. Compete in live ballgames and display skills for next level coaches and scouts. The tournaments we participate in through Pathway Baseball, Perfect Game USA, PBR Colorado and V Tool Showcases provide our guys with these opportunities. 

5. Gather and analyze purposeful and usable in-game data to help guide players’ fall practices, as well as create a foundation for offseason training.  Coaches do this by creating and prioritizing the use of accurate and thorough charts, and utilizing video capture during games.

6.  Guide players through the recruiting process by researching and pursuing opportunities to play at the next level. We utilize Sports Recruits, which provides a great way for players to look into schools that may be a good fit, and reach out to those coaches.