Our office area is where the day starts at Rogue, with players storing their belongings and preparing, while coaches work to plan training sessions.   Throughout the course of our sessions, we use this area to do video analysis on iPad and our JC Video software, pitch recognition training with Gamesense, and various mental game exercises.  During the baseball season, there is almost always a game on the computer.  The office also features our resources corner, where we keep articles and reference tools for players and parents.  Our core principles and drills, as well as our specifically designed warmup routine are also up on the boards for players to reference as they work through training sessions

The drill area is where players spend a lot of their time, and is extremely important to the process for both hitters and throwers.  Hitters work through upper and lower half mirror work, as well as utilizing our Power Core 360 system to train movements at the highest level possible.  Our two heavy bags help hitters to train swing movements in a way that allows them to focus completely internally, while still making solid contact.  Throwers utilize this area to do pre and post throwing band and recovery work, as well as a number of throwing pattern drills.  Training implements, weighted balls, bats and other necessary equipment are kept in this area, and is always easily accessible for players and instructors.

Our top of the line cage is where players finish their progressions and implement drill training into their live swings.  The cage is 55 feet long and 15 feet wide, allowing for players to see maximum ball flight.  In addition to the size, the cage is outfitted with launch angle reference points at 10, 20 and 30 degrees, as well as field reference points showing foul lines, gap to gap and the middle third of the field.  These create an extremely valuable visual for hitters to work on driving the baseball to where they will have the most success, and allow for evaluation and competition amongst hitters.  For throwers, the cage is equipped with multiple ladder setups, so that players can work on long toss in an indoor environment, as well as the length to do full weighted ball throwing work.